About Mom Says That


‘Mom Says That’ was created on a lazy winter evening.The blog is about bits and pieces that make me.

About Me – 

I relocated to London after getting married in 2013.
I was born and raised in India.

I love writing. I am also a professional IT writer.

I have recently discovered my love for swimming and traveling, in that particular order.

I enjoy cooking. Although, I cannot cook exotic dishes. I prefer making easy, tasty, and healthy meals.

I am a big movie buff, and a die hard DISNEY lover.

I do not like to initiate conversations, which is often misinterpreted as ego.

I am a Shahid Kapoor fan, ever since Ishq Vishq happened.

I find it hard to let go people in my life.

I have a huge candle fetish. Buy me a candle or a candle stand, whenever in doubt.

I cannot live without a job. I love working.

I prefer doing work myself, instead of seeking help.

I hate to ask favors.