C for Confidence

She made a rather dramatic entry after 72 hours of early labour at wee hours on 20th of July. We opted for water birth, and what an amazing experience it had been. Can’t recommend enough! Past 11 days have been a blur with all the feeding, nappy changing, and sleepless nights. I think things might be a bit easier for second time parents just for the reason that they know what they are getting into. I was looking forward to umpteen cuddles and kisses in these 9 months of pregnancy, so much so that I completely overlooked the fact that I should to prepare myself for long sleepless nights.

I am struggling to gain confidence while changing her, feeding her, taking her out, basically everything. I cried my eyes out when Him had to go back to work after a week of paternity leave since I was struggling to latch her on my own. It’s getting better.


After much contemplation yesterday, we decided to go out for a mini walk. I want to believe Raaya plays with me. She was at her best behaviour when Him was strolling her pram, and as soon as I was with her alone she decided to get restless. Those fifteen minutes were the test of my life! I was there sitting on a bench, with pram parked besides, holding her in my arms, when an elderly man came to us.

Old guy: How old is she?
Me: 10 days, it’s her first outing.
OG: She is beautiful. Does she have a name yet?
Me: Yes, Raaya.
OG: Well, have a beautiful life, Raaya.

and off he went!

It’s tough but I think we are getting there. Meanwhile, I have decided to take each day as it comes, and to try n get as many snuggles I can get while she’s asleep.

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