Travelling to Amsterdam

London weather is being extraordinarily kind this week. The sun is shining, I am on off from work, sipping a hot cup of tea, and blogging. If that’s not what satisfaction is, what else is?

*Picture heavy post alert!*

Last week we travelled to Amsterdam. It wasn’t a really long vacation, but was definitely something much needed for both Him and I. We were away for 2 nights and three days which I think is more than enough for Amsterdam considering you can literally cover the entire city on foot. So I though that I should write down few pointers of which place is absolutely a must visit, and what y’all should do to get the best out of the city.

So the absolutely first thing is – Anne Frank House! Before I begin, please if you don’t know who she was – A. Which world are you living in? B. You definitely need to READ. Anne Frank House, is the absolute best part of Amsterdam. I would love to go the city again and again just for that one experience. It’s chilling, and over-whelming at the same time. While going through the house you can’t help but imagine Anne sitting on her table, or in the attic with Peter. Touching the walls, looking through the windows – realising that it is the same window Anne used to peek through because they weren’t allowed to raise the curtain.

The tickets for Anne Frank House are extremely cheap, considering the experience it offers. I am comparing it to the Rijksmuseum, which personally I believe you can totally give a miss. While preparing an itinerary for Amsterdam, I came across one warning all over the internet – To be prepared for the long queue in Anne Frank House. True that! We went there pretty early in the morning to avoid the rush and even then we had to queue for a good 1.5 hours. But I think when you are on a vacation, have a good company – you don’t mind waiting for that amount of time, especially when you know it’s the Anne Frank House!

My suggestion would be to take out 3-4 hours from your schedule at any time of the day for it, and it doesn’t have to be particularly early in the day.

Next thing is – Heineken Experience. It’s such a digitalised experience for a brewery that you just can’t miss it.

Biking! I don’t think I even have to mention it here. But since I am writing down a list of what to dos, then why not. Biking is an absolute must in Amsterdam. It’s a completely different experience to soak the city while biking along the canal, not to mention you land up on such hidden gems in the city. If you are a couple, I would highly recommend renting a tandem because it is so much fun! And lastly, get it for a whole day because hour prices are pretty expensive and the city is so beautiful that you won’t be able to make the best in few hours.

Amsterdam Sunset

Travelling with a kid? Even better! Amsterdam had such  fun bikes where you could make the baby sit in those safe bike seats (?) and tie them with a belt. They are such a pleasure to watch, and I am sure to ride as well.

You see what I’m talking about!

Flower Market? It’s not really a market to be honest, just 4-5 shops but they are so pretty and colourful. Talking about the colours, one thing that I loved the most about the city was flowers and colours. You can’t help but notice the colours and flowers everywhere.

Brownies and Red Light District– Should I even be writing it here that why?

Lastly, I am not sure if it’s a must-do or not but we really enjoyed it so I’ll write it down here. While roaming in the streets of Red Light District, we came across this really nice pub called Brouwerij De Prael (hidden gems ;))The beer here, as per Him, was one of the finest beers he has ever had. I personally loved the food, and would highly recommend this place.

Sadly, we don’t have any trips planned anytime soon now 🙁 Which means we are preparing ourselves for the dry London winters. I will hopefully be here, soon, again.

P.S. I am currently reading Mrs. Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna, and looking for more book suggestions. Feel free to let me know if you know about any!



  1. Nice. Travelling is such a blissful experience and Europe has always been my favourite destinations. Still…a lot to catch up. And the bikes with seats for kids is amazing. And again…Anne Frank house is one of the most important items in my bucket list.

    Keep writing!

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