B for Baby?

Last post was published in December 2015. So been like 7 months! 7 months! 
I don’t even want to dwell into all the whys and why nots. Things have been busy, like really busy, like good busy. I have been hiding something, and I think now is about time I can/ should update it here. *Drumroll please* ! We are expecting a little munchkin in our little family of two. Him and I are hoping to hold our little one by this date, next month. We are super excited, nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed to say the least. 
These past 8 months have been easy to be honest. I can’t complain about anything so far. Him and I together have matured as a couple. We’ve known each other for 10 years now (including 3.5 years of wedded life), and have seen each other growing out of phases. Like the phase where we didn’t ever even think about kids, or when we absolutely hated the idea of kids, leading to when we started contemplating the idea of one of our own, and cut to today when we swell with love and so many emotions at the mere thought of holding our baby in arms. It is such a strangely heartwarming feeling, and definitely a huge change in our lives. 
These 8 months passed with not-so-fun morning sickness, and absolute enthusiasm while looking for the prams, baby gyms, bouncers, baby baths, muslin cloths, and what not! Never ever I imagined the amount of thought I will have to put in buying the baby shower gel or nappy cream for that matter. It’s fun (apologies for the lack of better word).
Dear little one,
We are so excited to meet you, words fall short when it comes to share our delight. I apologise in advance if I cry for the first time I see you, because I am sure I will. And, I am also sure your daddy will too, no matter how much he denies the possibility. 


  1. This is awesome news. To tell you the truth, I had the slight idea about it you know…us being experienced parents now…he he he.

    Anyway…take care and cherish the moments. Holding your baby for the first time will be just one of the several awesome moments that will be part of your life.

    Best wishes from us to both of you and your family. God bless!

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