New home

I should really stop beginning my posts with obligatory MIA excuses. Cutting it short, it’s been 7 months since I last posted and a bloody lot has happened in these 7 months. My gorgeous little sister got married, so we have a new family member in the clan. Yay! Also, Raaya has now turned into the cheekiest little toddler ever! She is such a clever cookie, that I can’t believe I made her. She is now a couple of days shy from being 18 months old. She copies everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. She points and directs us to the rooms, and don’t even get me started on how she calls us. She bursts into the kitchen and calls us ‘oi’ from in there. This ‘oi’ refers to come here and give me a snack. She loves her snacks so much that I have a collection of pictures of her with her snack bowl. Be our guest anytime of the day, and there she will be standing, running, dancing around with her snack bowl.

Another major thing that happened in October 2017 was us moving to Paris. I KNOW! It was huge for us especially when over the years London had finally started to feel like home. We miss London. There’s something so special about that city with which no place can ever compete. The food, the people, the transport. I am missing it again, as I am typing this. Anyhoo, Paris has been ok so far. Not too bad, but not that great either. Raaya and I have been lucky to have find some really nice friends so quickly here so that’s something that keeps us going. We are already looking forward to summers when we can go on play dates with Raaya’s friends and enjoy the sun, not to mention explore the city!! There’s so much to see in Paris and so little time, since we are here only for a while. Moving cities isn’t easy and it gets even more difficult when you don’t speak the language. We have had our issues but we are getting there slowly and steadily. I am also looking forward to exploring the parts of Europe we haven’t been to yet since we are already in the Schengen zone.
There’s only so much I can type as I want to mention a little more about Raaya. I can’t think of the time we didn’t have her in our life. She gives the best cuddles ever. She will come running towards you with her open arms, put them across your neck and will give it a little squeeze, and then will give you a little peck on your face. My heart melts everytime, and she does it quite a lot. We are talking 15-20 times a day to each one of us. I don’t think I can ever get tired though. I know soon she will stop doing this so I am going to make the most of it while I can!
I know I keep saying this but OMG she is the best thing ever happened to us.

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