Baby Must Haves

Recently I published my idea of toddler must haves that make my life a tad bit easier with a toddler running around the house. I have got quite a few requests of making a list of baby must haves, you know when they are all squishy and cuddly and non demanding unlike a 20 months old who wants a snack service round the clock for her. 
I am considering the age group of 0-6 months and not mentioning the basic amenities like bottles and sterilisers if you are bottle feeding, or diapers, and other knick knacks.
Diaper disposable bin – I didn’t ever in my wildest dreams think that I will be considering this as a must have at any point of my life. So you know babies poop, and those shitty diapers stink, and they stink so bad that you would think twice before breathing. Diaper disposable bins are god sent! They mask the smell in a very hygenic manner, so even if your garbage collection goes around daily (I am so jealous!) , you still need these because you know babies poop multiple times a day unless you will go out of the house to throw every used diaper because that’s an option too. 
Muslin Clothes – Get as many as you can, chances are you will go through multiples of these in a day, babies bring back milk everytime you feed them, and these my friend are your true companion for the initial few months. I lost one each time we went outside. They are like the bigger version of hair clips or ties, they just vanish in thin air.
Ear Thermometer – Raaya got high temperature one night when she was only 11 weeks old. We had to rush her to A & E and were kept under observation for a night because she didn’t have her full set of vaccinations yet. So they were worried she might have caught something nasty, which thankfully wasn’t the case. It doesn’t sound like a must have, but we rely on our thermometer every time she is a bit under the weather. Also she isn’t scared of it unlike the other thermometers. It’s definitely comes under the list of best purchases ever. We have a Braun one, and honestly it’s worth every penny of its cost.

Books – These would come in literally every list I ever make because our house loves books. And I also think it’s really important for the kids to have a healthy relationship with books, especially in nowadays when technology has taken over everything. Raaya has had soft books ever since she was born. I bought a couple of them while I was pregnant with her, and once she started sitting, I invested in some hard books. 

Sophie the giraffe – This is the one stop solution for the teething monsters. They teeth, and they scream. I don’t know how this little rubbery thing does it, but it made our life easier in those horrible days. Apparently, they can start teething as early as 2.5-3 months. Raaya sucked the life out of her Sophie, she still plays with it if she manages to find it under the stash of her unused toys. 

Water Wipes – Now these are debatable because I know a number of moms who didn’t buy these and used the other available wipes and have been just fine. But in our household, we keep coming back to these. Raaya didn’t ever get a diaper rash till she was 18 months old, and I honestly think Water Wipes are the reason. These do not have a single chemical in them and are really genuine to the baby skin. But these are bit on the expensive side. I decided to go for the ordinary wipes when she turned 18 months because I thought I might just save money off the wipes which wasn’t worth it. She got the most horrible rash, and it took us so many creams to get done with it. So here we are, back to the water wipes. I know lots of people are against Johnsons baby products, but when we were in India – the Johnson wipes did a nice job. I also tried the pampers sensitive wipes and Himalaya ranges (which sucked for us!), and Johnsons was the clear winner.
Thank you so much again for stopping by, and giving this a read. Hope this helped you in making your list. If you think I have missed something, please let me know in the comment box below. 

Ta xx

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