Diaper bag essentials

This blog is turning into all things baby. Not that I am complaining, I am rather thrilled with how regular I have been posting since its so unlike me. As I posted my list of baby must haves, my dearest friend Nona kindly gave me the idea of publishing diaper bag essentials. So here I am, with a brand new list of diaper bag essentials. Diaper bag is your true companion for the first 1 year of baby’s life. You cannot imagine your life without it. Never have I been as excited as I was when I first saw so many compartments in one bag – Omg there’s an insulated area for milk bottle, omg separate space for diapers, no way there’s a changing mat too. This is literally Christmas or Diwali in my case!! You get the gist, so let’s roll into the list – 

Diapers and wipes – These go beyond saying. Always carry an extra diaper from what you think you would actually need. On our flight from India to Paris, I underestimated my child’s power of pooping, and had to request a fellow passenger to let me borrow a diaper from her. Embarrassing much? Luckily, no woman has ever refused to give a diaper or a tampon. But still, always carry an extra (or two) from what you would need.
Nappy bags – Those shitty diapers stink, and it’s so unfair to bin them in public toilets without putting them in bag first. Think of the poor person who has to empty the trash. Also what if you have to change in car? or bus? So always carry nappy bags with you. 
Formula/ Sterilised bottle/ Hot water flask/ Nursing cover – These all depend on which way of feeding have you opted for. Also that you are a nursing cover person or not. I breastfed Raaya for 3 months before we switched to formula, and didn’t ever use a nursing cover. But I know women who do so totally the way you want to roll.
Teether/ Toy – Basically something to keep the tiny tot busy when need be. They can get agitated without any warning and at times like those, these come in handy.
Water/ snacks – These come along once the baby has reached the 6 months milestone. They don’t start eating much right away so a sipper and a fruit pouch and a rice cake used to be enough for us at the beginning.

Bibs – Raaya used to drench her clothes with milk when having a feed. So I always carried a couple of bibs with me. Again depends on the baby because I know not all babies love spilling as much milk as Raaya did.
Changing mat – This usually comes along with the diaper bag but if not, Pampers does some disposable ones too. Really helpful when you have to change them out and about.
Change of clothes – Again, this needs no explanation. I don’t carry a diaper bag anymore with us but still have to carry a spare set of clothing for Raaya when we are outside.
Muslin cloth – Last but not the least muslin cloth. I cannot write enough about my love for these. If it’s hot – you can use it to shade the carrycot, if they bring back any milk – wipe it with these, or if they are getting grumpy – just play peek a boo with it. 
Bubbles – Yea, you read it right – bubbles. Now of course it is not an essential per se but it saved me so many times when Raaya refused to cooperate as a baby. Babies love bubbles, and a tiny bottle of solution goes a long way to keep the occupied and happy. I carried a bottle of bubbles for at least an year with me. I think I should start carrying one again.

I cannot think of any other must have for a diaper bag. If you think, I have missed anything please let me know in the comments below. Hope you liked reading this.

Ta xx

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