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I know I keep saying this, but once again thank you so much for all the encouragement and love you all have sent my way. This has been keeping me motivated to publish posts, for which I am truly grateful. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should – there’s so much more there, you probably already know that Himanshu and I love eating healthy and clean. We decided to change our diets way back in 2014, so even before I fell pregnant with Raaya. Over the years, it has now become a part of our lifestyle. Ever since I have been posting the salad pictures on Insta, I have been getting questions like do we always eat these? Don’t we get bored? Or how do we eat them? So I thought it will be a nice thing to talk about here. So it’s all going to be about eating healthy, how I lost all my pregnancy weight, and how I have never felt healthier in my life than where I am right now. 
I have always been on petite side, weighing 51-52 kgs, but my scales reached a whooping number of 72-73 kgs when I had Raaya. First of all mamas, please do not take pressure of loosing all that pregnancy weight. Give time to let your body heal first, spend that time on squeezing as much newborn cuddles as you can. I didn’t start thinking about my weight till Raaya turned 8 months old, by that time I was weighing 64 kgs so my body had decided to shed 10 kgs all by itself. I am now back again at 51 kgs, and it took me nearly 18 months from when Raaya was born to get back to pre pregnancy weight. So without further adieu, let’s roll into what I eat in a typical week. 

As boring as it sounds, all our weeks sound exactly the same when it see to food. We don’t do surprise food in our house. I make a chart every Sunday of what we are going to eat in the entire week, and more or less they look the same each week. I roast batches of veggies on Sunday, and freeze the so that there’s no scope of food indulgence for the times we are tired or just don’t feel like to cook. A typical dinner plate includes 1 portion of roast veggies, 1 portion of legumes (chickpeas/ kidney beans/ black eyed beans boiled and seasoned combined with red onion, tomato, lemon, and a boiled/half fried egg). I often skip the egg, and it is generally the part of Himanshu’s plate. I fix pasta or a chapati with legumes for Raaya with some of the portion of what we are eating. Breakfasts comprise of omelettes/ granola in yogurt or cereals with milk along with avocado toast or peanut toast. Once a week, I have a parantha or poha in breakfast for some change. Rice is once a week thing too during lunch. Our lunches mostly include left overs from previous night since I am nearly always out with Raaya there’s no time to cook three meals a day. I’d like to add that we have a no rice or carbs rule in dinner. Friday nights are pizza nights in our house and even then we do not order any sides. Just a pizza each is good for both of us. Saturday is one day when we eat outside as we are mostly out and about on Saturdays. 


Now we don’t do refined sugar in our house. We don’t bring cakes or chocolates at home, nor do we do desserts when we are eating outside. In the 5 years of our married life, we haven’t brought a birthday cake for the two of us. The first cake we got was when Raaya turned 1. It might sound difficult, but honestly it’s not. It just becomes a part of your lifestyle gradually. We do not bring any biscuits or savouries for munching, our snacks mostly include fruits. Since Raaya has always seen us loving fruits, she has developed the love from us. She loves snacking on a variety of fruits all day long. The only thing I have sugar in is tea, and I wish I had the will power to drop it but I haven’t been able to yet. 


Besides eating clean and healthy, another thing I try to accomplish is hit the step count of 10K daily. Even if I am unable to go out for a walk, I walk in our living room to and forth once Raaya goes to bed in night. I invested in Fitbit Alta 2 years ago which has been great so far. I know there are lots of apps available which can help you track steps too. My sister and best friend got the Mi Band off Amazon in India which has been equally efficient too if you are looking for a cheaper version. I have my days when I am not able to do that but I try to and I have to admit that it’s the only physical activity I manage to squeeze in my routine. I am nowhere near being ‘fit’ and I know I am missing the exercise which is as important to include. It is on my agenda, and hopefully I will be able to get cracking on it soon.  


I hope you all found this helpful, and if this encouraged you to get on with all things healthy, please share it and show some love. If you have got something specific in mind that you would like me to talk about, please leave a comment or reach me on Instagram. 


Ta xx                                                                                                                                                               


  1. Thank you for sharing this Sameera. And don't worry about not being able to exercise much. Fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise so I guess you are doing just fine (and if you are actively involved with your kid, you get enough exercise anyway). And about sugar, we've started using Jaggery instead of refined sugar. Not sure if you get Jaggery there but that's a better alternative to sugar.

    Finally, this is really inspiring especially when we are also moving towards healthy eating. Looking forward for more of your posts. Cheers!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Jaggery is a good idea, I can definitely get it from Indian stores.

    Please do keep sharing how is the lifestyle change going with you guys. Would love to hear. 🙂

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