Travel hacks for toddlers

Even before Raaya was born, Himanshu and I decided on one thing that we will not change our lifestyle just because we have a baby now rather we will include the baby in our lifestyle. This has been so far the best thing we have ever done with Raaya, and I am convinced because she has been going out with us to pubs, movies, lunches, dinners since so early on, she is such a dream to be with. So if I have to give one advice to new parents, it will hands down be make them a part of who you are and what you love. Raaya has been travelling ever since she was 4 months old. Travelling with a baby is far too easy, they are non demanding – all they need is a bottle and cuddle and they are good to go. However travelling with a toddler not so much. Over the time, I have learned few tricks to keep her busy on long haul flights or even short train journeys which I am going to share here today.

Books and Colours – These are my all time favourites to keep Raaya occupied. Hand her a notepad and colours and she is good for another half an hour. I then give her something else from the list below and then after a couple of things, return to the colours. Books are yet another hit with Raaya. As I have talked in my previous posts, there’s nothing better than giving toddlers books to read and explore.

Snacks – Flights can be boring, and you gotta be prepared with all the snacks in the world for the toddler in tow. Our snack bag while travelling includes rice cakes, crisps, crackers, fruit pouches, biscuits, raisins, and chocolate buttons because lets deal with this – chances are you might have to bribe them if they are being fussy. I also carry her empty sipper along with us because there’s no way I am going to enjoy a spillage accident.

New toys – Nothing big or expensive, just small figurines like their favourite animals or cartoon characters, or cars that easily fit into your handbag. These are really helpful at the time when nothing else works. The excitement of something new to play with keeps them occupied for a good time.

Something to help their poor ears – If on flight, their little ears suffer majorly and don’t pop on their own. So it’s best to bring something in a baby bottle or with a straw for little ones to drink for take-off and landing. If you have a toddler, lollipop works great too.

Fully charged iPad/ phone – Let’s be real, you’d do anything to save your sanity and those travelling on the same flight right? So get those netflix/ amazon prime subscriptions to good use now. I download some of her favourite rhymes and cartoon TV shows for offline viewing. There are also so many apps that can be helpful keep the tiny tots busy. Our favourite is the bubbles for kids.

Paracetamol – On all our trips, I have nearly always carried a Calpol with me. I do not want to go through the stress of looking for the baby paracetamol in foreign land. So I always stock up on Calpol/Crocin/Doliprane when we are travelling. I even take it with me in cabin luggage. Talk about being paranoid.

We are going away on our first family holiday of 2018 this month, and I am beyond excited. If there’s anything you think I have missed, please let me know. I might update this as we come back based on my experience as this is the first one ever since Raaya has transformed into a proper toddler.

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